Alabama Shakes Orpheum Theatre Vancouver, BC July 23, 2013 ** 24 BIT ** Source: Church-Audio STC-11 stereo cardioid mics (in collar) > Naiant Tinybox V1.5 pre-amp (+18 db) > Edirol R-09HR > SanDisk SD Memory Card @ 24 bit/48 kHz Transfer: .WAV > iZotope RX2 Advanced v2.02.457 (declick) > Sound Forge Pro 10.0a (right channel copied over the bad left channel,fades, minor edits, & normalize) > CDWav (tracking) > Trader's Little Helper (level 5) > FLAC > TagScanner 5.1 (tagging) Location: Row 19, LC aisle Taped and transferred by: Dennis Orr (project #396) Setlist: 01 Goin' To The Party 02 Rise To The Sun 03 Always Alright 04 Hold On 05 I Found You 06 Hang Loose 07 Mama 08 Making Me Itch 09 I Ain't The Same 10 Worryin' Blues 11 Heartbreaker 12 Boys And Girls 13 Gospel Song 14 Be Mine 15 You Ain't Alone 16 Encore Break - Encore - 17 Give Me All Your Love > 18 On Your Way 19 Heavy Chevy 20 Heat Lightning Brittany Howard - lead vocals & guitar Heath Fogg - guitar & backing vocals Zac Cockrell - bass & backing vocals Ben Tanner - keyboards & backing vocals Steve Johnson - drums & backing vocals NOTES: A bad cable connection from the preamp into the recorder resulted in a lot of static in the left channel. Rather than try to fix each section individually I decided to just go ahead and copy the right channel over the left. A VERY loud and chatty crowd around me. AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t01.flac:972a1657b27e07b7a1cefcbae8acadc6 AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t02.flac:270020629b29a59a3b531090afe17342 AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t03.flac:74cc48781433472d4248632844da9747 AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t04.flac:32b53dd0c8b26ffafd3bd99a96a511ad AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t05.flac:8647567992d42b068ece9103a46a4bdb AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t06.flac:4cb9f31abd00a2ef6725bfe218e930b8 AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t07.flac:0e99acc64b6713539b714a231f91edf7 AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t08.flac:c023a731fbf4f9c65631aaae6936f734 AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t09.flac:88e7b4ccabfbaea78ed916d4d47dd1bb AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t10.flac:efbb49f671b9759be58bbb2e02674307 AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t11.flac:cf4d2d165741f5adadb312b067ea9466 AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t12.flac:c5dafeaef25d7927520ce17917291fb2 AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t13.flac:afdfa87b437c6fec84f592fe67b67ac8 AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t14.flac:5c260a26ca0dd45137d5d51fb8737d29 AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t15.flac:e94fcd50874750ec8a4742d9ddbe3f8b AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t16.flac:1b1fc00e940fc6028827f5fa2f000c9f AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t17.flac:9f4a7bfad9a602a44fcee1c87b53068b AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t18.flac:1c019e892131b49050fe3ea37e83d973 AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t19.flac:a613fed4181bf3ad37683aa811b0191e AlabamaShakes2013-07-23t20.flac:5f6cfbe308211a077533911cac652bbb App\Http\Controllers\Api\FileDownloadController::download(): Return value must be of type string, none returned