Acres & Acres Broad Cove Community Hall Broad Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada June 6, 2014 Source: Zoom H4n internal microphones 8 feet high at the back of the hall > 24bit/48Khz WAV Transfer: 24 bit/48 Khz WAV > Audacity (volume envelope on some spikes/applause, normalize, fades, dither to 16 bit) > CDWAV tracking > Traders Little Helper (FLAC level 8) > tagged with Foobar2000 Taper: Ian M. Sherwood Transfer by Colin Waldschutz (colinwaldschutz @ Setlist 01. noodling & crowd 02. Truth And Sky 03. You Never Know 04. Cell Phone Song 05. banter - Thanks to Liam and Zac 06. From A Forest 07. All My Colours 08. Mayday intro > 09. Mayday 10. Let's Go Home false start 11. Let's Go Home > 12. Don't Come Knockin' 13. banter - Thank you for coming out 14. Polar Bear Song 15. encore break & banter 16. E: Shake The Moon Notes: Lineup: David Scholten: lead vocals, acoustic guitar Kris Pope: vocals, lap steel & electric guitars Jordi Comstock: vocals, drums, percussion Ian Sherwood: bass Someone bumps into the mic stand during Let's Go Home. This venue is quite unique. In order to get to the washrooms, the audience has to walk up on stage, so just as we were about to start we realised that someone was in the bathroom. We didn't want them to miss anything, nor did we want them to walk out on stage during the middle of a song, so we noodled a bit as we waited. You can hear the crowd applaud when the lady walks out onto the stage (somewhat embarrassed.) The crowd was quite animated and lively, but for the most part they quieted down and listened when we were actually playing. It was a full house with standing room only. And probably a good thing that no fire marshall stopped by! The mic stand was set-up by the door so there are occasional times where the door can be heard closing (probably people stepping out for a puff). Don't ever SELL or BUY this recording. Go see Acres and Acres live, and buy their albums and merchandise. Support the band. ( App\Http\Controllers\Api\FileDownloadController::download(): Return value must be of type string, none returned