Band/Artist: A-Mac & The Height Venue: Mile High Spirits Date: May 6th, 2017 Source 1: Soundboard (SBD) Source 2: Zoom H4n Pro (Internal Mics - Set to 120 degrees) > Audacity > FLAC 16bit (AUD) Tracklist -= One Set =- 1. (Intro) 2. Sun Comes Up 3. Flow > 4. Indica From Heaven 5. Wake On A Plane 6. Worry They May 7. All I See > 8. Clint Eastwood (Gorillaz cover) 9. To Ends I'll Never Know > 10. So Fresh So Clean (Outkast cover) > 11. To Ends I'll Nevever Know 12. (Outro) Show Notes: This set was performed as a part of the Spread The Word Music Festival. A-Mac & The Height played prior to headliner Kyle Hollingsworth Band. Cycles and Metafonics played prior. Taper Notes: Taper Notes: DFC to the right of the soundboard. There were some problems with the vocal mic at the beginning of "Sun Comes Up" and a bit of buzzing from one of the guitars (possibly the bass) but both resolve themselves quikly. Thanks to Steven from Mile High Spirits for the soundboard feed. Thank you to A-Mac & The Height for being cool with taping. Go see live music! #spacetapes *** Follow For Space Tapes Updates! **** ><(((> || || App\Http\Controllers\Api\FileDownloadController::download(): Return value must be of type string, none returned