Amandine May 6th, 2006 The Lakeshore Theater Chicago, IL Taper: Brian Emerick Source: AT853's -> Batt Box -> JB3 Conversion: JB3 -> WAV (no DAE) -> Sound Forge 8.0 -> CDWave -> WAV -> FLAC Frontend Location: 8' stand, angled at left stack, 10 rows back ****DO NOT TRADE IN LOSSY FORMATS**** *DO NOT ACCEPT MONEY FOR RECORDINGS** Setlist: 01: Awake 02: Halo 03: Firefly 04: Sway 05: Over the Trenches 06: Easy Prey 07: Sparrow 08: Heart Tremor --------------------- Notes: the guitar amp was too close to the drum kit onstage, so there is a general buzzing sound occasionally from the drum kit. this was the first show ever played at Lakeshore Theater, and it's a nice little venue. hope for more shows there. enjoy! Opening for Fruit Bats. thanks to Reid for lending me the gear!! compiled by brian emerick on 5/08/06. App\Http\Controllers\Api\FileDownloadController::download(): Return value must be of type string, none returned