Amandine May 7th, 2006 Schubas Chicago, IL Taper: Brian Emerick Source: AT853's -> Batt Box -> JB3 Conversion: JB3 -> WAV (no DAE) -> Sound Forge 8.0 -> CDWave -> WAV -> FLAC Frontend Location: 10' stand FOB ****DO NOT TRADE IN LOSSY FORMATS**** *DO NOT ACCEPT MONEY FOR RECORDINGS** Setlist: 01: "Amadine" poem by Thax Douglas 02: Sparrow 03: Lover's Trial 04: Firefly 05: Over the Trenches 06: Sway 07: Easy Prey 08: Silent Life & 09: Awake 10: Heart Tremor ------------------ & Fruit Bats cover Notes: a bit boomy at points, but that's Schubas for you. otherwise, nice set and decent sound. enjoy! Opening for Fruit Bats. thanks to Reid for lending me the gear!! compiled by brian emerick on 5/09/06. App\Http\Controllers\Api\FileDownloadController::download(): Return value must be of type string, none returned